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Shock in the European wood product value chain to be expected, timber trade bodies say

The European timber industry is watching with great concern Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the correlated economic and financial [...]

Supply problems for the Polish timber industry due to war in Ukraine

Cutting off supplies of wooden semi-finished products from Ukraine and Russia may be a problem for some of the [...]

China to become “virtually the only available market” for Russian timber

    Faced with a blockade of cargo transportation to foreign countries, the Russian domestic timber industry is [...]

Russia’s war on Ukraine could triple ocean shipping rates

    Russia's invasion into Ukraine is likely to send ocean and air shipping rates skyrocketing at [...]

IKEA ceases operations in Russia and Belarus

IKEA has decided to temporarily pause operations in Russia. This means that: Inter IKEA Group has taken the decision to [...]

Ukraine war and its effect on European timber imports

    In what feels like a return to the dark days of the Cold War, the ongoing [...]

Russian attack on Ukraine hits global markets

Russia’s attacks on Ukraine roiled global markets Thursday, driving up prices for crude oil and natural gas as investors [...]