N. American sawmills to cut production in bid to lift lumber prices

    A string of sawmill curtailments has buoyed lumber prices amid a flood of dismal housing data [...]

Ireland: Falling timber prices in Q3/2022

Economic uncertainty due to the war in Ukraine and a decline in consumer confidence is impacting on timber prices in [...]

Finland: Fall in log prices in September

    Timber trade in Finland continued brisk in September, with the total volume five per cent higher [...]

Interfor announces temporary Q4 production curtailments

Interfor Corporation has announced plans to reduce its lumber production output in the fourth quarter of 2022 by approximately 200 [...]

Russia reoriented lumber exports from Europe to China

The transformation of the global economic situation in the world has led to changes in partnership and market relations between [...]

Södra’s roundwood prices increased again

    Södra raises the prices of industrial roundwood and fuel wood purchased from members, after seven [...]

N. American lumber prices climb 26% in October despite housing market slowdown

     North American lumber prices have rallied 26% so far in October, but further gains may be [...]

Global softwood log trade drops by 20%

    A halt in Russian log exports and reduced wood demand in China contributed to a 20 [...]

The Russian timber industry is in a difficult situation, but not critical

On October 11 and 12, 2022, the 24th St. Petersburg International Forest Industry Forum was held. At the event, several [...]

Timber imports into the UK have slowed but stocks are steady

    Recent years have seen the price of timber shoot up and on the back of the [...]