Södra to lower purchase prices for spruce roundwood due to troubled market environment

    The high supply of spruce roundwood in Sweden and Central Europe as well as the obvious [...]

France: Softwood prices drop sharply due to the bark beetle crisis

    In the northern half of France, forest owners of spruce and fir are very concerned. During [...]

Romania announces plans to ban the exports of logs

Romania's ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD) has announced the intention to file a bill to ban the export of [...]

Hardwood lumber exports from U.S. to China go 40% down during Q1/2019

Hardwood lumber exports from U.S. to China fell 39.8% y-o-y to 352.0 thousand m3 in [...]

Norway: Roundwood prices rise sharply during Q1/2019

    Following a favourable 2018 for the Norwegian forest industry, when a total of 10.7 million [...]

Lumber prices in the US plunge during May

The US lumber market took a step back after showing signs in prior weeks that it might break out of [...]

West Fraser curtails production at two sawmills in BC

West Fraser announced temporary production curtailments for a duration of approximately two weeks at two British Columbia sawmills: Chasm and [...]

Chinese forestry company to build several mills in Russia

    China Forestry Group Corporation (CFGC) will build mills in the Russian Far East to supply wood [...]

EU tropical timber imports on the rise

Total value of tropical wood imports into the EU increased slightly in 2018, although at a slower rate than imports [...]