Mood in the German timber industry remains gloomy

    After a brief brightening, the mood in the German timber industry continued to deteriorate in November [...]

North American lumber prices can’t stop falling, as housing market is struggling

North American lumber prices has been among the biggest commodity price decliners this year, and the outlook for the market [...]

Reduced logging volumes proposed in Estonian state forests

    Estonian Environment Minister Madis Kallas presented the government with a proposal to lower state forest logging [...]

European woodworking and sawmill industries welcome EC’s legislative proposal on certification of carbon removals

The publication this week by the European Commission of a draft legislative proposal on the certification of carbon removals has [...]

Interfor completes acquisition of Chaleur Forest Products

Kilmer Group announced the completion of its sale to Interfor Corporation of 100% of the equity interests in the entities [...]

70 EU signatories call for efficient, circular use of wood biomass residues

    More than 30 additional signatories endorsed the declaration issued on the 10th of November, bringing the [...]

China: Recovery signs of the softwood import market in Q1/2023

In China, the softwood import market remains weak but there are small hopes for Q1/2023. As of mid-November [...]

Western Forest Products to cut lumber production

Western Forest Products today announced plans to temporarily reduce its lumber production output for the remainder of 2022 by approximately [...]

EU tropical wood imports slow with mounting signs of recession

    In the first nine months of this year the EU27 imported 1.53 million tonnes of [...]