Softwood lumber prices in the US continue falling trend

    Prices of framing lumber in the US continued to drop last week, although lower prices generated [...]

US hardwood exports to China on the rise despite trade war

The exports of American hardwood to South-East Asia and China recorded gains in the first half of 2018 in [...]

Finland sawmill industry: All eyes on the Chinese market

Last spring, Finlands sawmill industry said that pulp mills growing hunger for wood and the rising price of raw lumber [...]
October 2, 2018 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Sawmilling / China / Europe

Romanian wood processing industry affected by supply shortage and rising prices for lumber

The volume of the exploited wood in 2017 in Romania reached 17.898 m3 of which 6.325 m3 are [...]

Biewer announces expansion of its Newton sawmill

Biewer Sawmill – Newton, LLC. announced the expansion of their state-of-the-art sawmill facility located in Newton, Mississippi.  [...]

Volatile 2018 lumber market in the US; crashing prices in September 2017

Deep cuts in prices of framing lumber persisted through a second straight week, leaving traders stunned at the volatility of [...]

Chinese wood companies reroute wood products as to beat US tariffs

As the trade war between China and the U.S. festers, business leaders and analysts say Chinese producers are likely [...]

Norwegian roundwood prices up by 15% during Q2/2018

In Norway, a total of 2.80 million cubic metres of industrial roundwood were cut for sale in the second [...]

Hurricane Florence causes trouble for Louisiana-Pacific

Louisiana-Pacific (LP) announced that due to Hurricane Florence, its Wilmington, N.C. engineered wood operations have been temporarily shut [...]

Canadian lumber giants downgraded due to negative expectations for the US housing market

Shares in several major Canadian forestry companies closed down Wednesday after an analyst downgrade and lower-than-expected building permits [...]