Hardwood trade in the EU keeps stable, despite reluctant political situation

There are signs that the upturn in the eurozone economy in the last 2 years will be short-lived and [...]

Roundwood prices in Sweden on the rise in 2018

The increase of roundwood delivery prices in Sweden was larger in 2018 than it has been for several years. Both [...]

US considers lowering duties on imports from China

  The United States is considering at least partial loosening of import duties on Chinese products to accelerate trade [...]

Finland: UPM, Metsä and Stora Enso escape accusations of underpricing

In 2011, Metsähallitus (a Finnish state enterprise, which administers state-owned land) filed a claim for damages against UPM [...]

Malaysian wood products exports likely to drop in 2018

The Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) is projecting a 4% decline in exports of timber and timber products for 2018 [...]

Germany: Mixed trends in wood products prices

    German producer prices for wood products tended to be mixed in November and December. Although prices [...]

Roundwood prices in Finland started to drop in December

In December 2018, the stumpage prices of roundwood in Finland started to decline. The stumpage price level was a little [...]

Lumber prices in the US pick up at the end of January

    Wintry weather held back trading in some lumber markets in the US, but sellers of framing [...]

Dockers’ strike affects lumber exports, as ports shut down in Sweden

Lumber exporters in Sweden were hit by a strike of over 1,000 dockers across eight ports in the country [...]

No deal Brexit advice for UK’s timber importers and exporters

    UK's timber importers and exporters are being asked to consider requirements for their businesses in [...]