Tropical logs imports in Europe go up by 11% in 2018

After a sharp downturn in 2017, EU imports of tropical logs recovered some lost ground in 2018 but were still [...]

India: Latest prices for teak, plywood and sawnwood

Latest prices for Indian teak, plywood and sawnwood - 16-28 February 2019    Plantation teak prices  [...]

Current prices for wood products in China

    The report below contains the latest prices of logs and sawnwood from main timber markets in [...]

Georgia-Pacific to invest US$30 million in Rome lumber facility

    Atlanta-based Georgia-Pacific announced it will spend approximately $30 million to purchase and install new [...]

New Zealand: Export prices of logs impacted by rising ocean freight costs

At Wharf Gate (AWG) prices for logs delivered to ports around New Zealand decreased on average -NZ$5 per JASm3 [...]

Ilim Group intends to build a supply chain in the South-West of China

On February 28, a joint conference of the top management of Ilim Group was held with major manufacturers of packaging [...]

San Group starts construction of a new sawmill in Canada

    B.C.-based San Group is starting construction on a new mill and associated re-manufacturing [...]
March 26, 2019 Latest Trends / Sawmilling / ...North America

Chinese importers in search for low-quality logs

    Total softwood log stocks increased across China during the Lunar New Year holiday period to just [...]

Russia plans to ban timber exports

    The Russian State Duma was submitted a law-in-draft on a long-term moratorium on [...]

Worldwide lumber trade starts to drop

    In 2018, global trade of lumber fell for the first time in five years, with total [...]