Cooperation project aims to boost European exports of wooden products to China

At present, China is the world's largest timber processing and wood product production base and the most important wood [...]

European countries are rapidly expanding market shares on China’s softwood import market

Due to the bark beetle infestation, the European countries have gained serious market shares in China's softwood logs and [...]

Timber prices soar in China, supplies short amid coronavirus disruptions

Timber prices in China soared as imports have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has put much stress [...]

Germany to limit spruce logging

The German Federal Council accepted the Forest Damage Compensation Act on March 26th. Because the large amounts of damaged wood [...]

Australia’s timber faces a long-term deadlock due to the freezing of Chinese imports

    Australia is preparing to completely interrupt its annual timber trade with China after Beijing Customs' request [...]

China: Prices for New Zealand radiata pine logs rising sharply in March

    Details of the price changes of Chinese imports of radiata pine logs in March are as [...]

US wood production hits pre-crisis levels despite record lumber prices

    Loggers are busier than usual. They're working to chop away at the US' pandemic-spurred [...]

Finland: Upward trend in log prices

    In February, the average stumpage price for pine logs in Finland was EUR 58.6 per [...]

North American lumber prices remain flat

    North American benchmark softwood lumber prices did indeed remain flat for the week ending March 19 [...]

Timber prices in Germany are increasing; supply not able to keep pace with demand

    The rise in wood prices in Germany continues - with supply not keeping pace with growth in [...]