Belarus timber flows to EU circumventing sanctions via Central Asia

Belarus is circumventing EU sanctions by exporting its timber to EU countries using false documents claiming that the wood comes [...]

Swedish sawmills are unexpectedly strong due to high US demand

One of the explanations for the unexpected strength in a currently declining wood products economy is how much wood products [...]

African sawmill and plywood mills feel the effects of reduced Chinese demand

The slowdown in demand in China is becoming a serious problem for operators in the region with saw and ply [...]

UK timber import volumes expected to grow long term, despite recent fluctuations

    Average UK timber import totals from 2010 to 2022 have seen steady growth, despite significant fluctuation [...]
December 21, 2022 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Forestry / Sawmilling / Europe

Latvia will strictly investigate the import of “conflict timber” from Russia

On December 14, the Latvian State Forestry Administration issued a reminder that the import of Russian and Belarusian timber and [...]

China: Hopes that Covid restriction easing would bring back wood demand

Several major Chinese banks have adopted a government led 16-point rescue plan to extend billions to struggling private developers [...]

Bark beetle blue timber not well received on the European market

    Swedish sawmills have received large quantities of timber attacked by spruce bark beetles, mainly in southern [...]

Finland’s sawn timber exports on a downward trend

The export value of Finnish forest products in January-September reached 11.29 billion euros, a decrease of 6% compared [...]

Precious Woods to close sawmill in Gabon due to high costs

Unexpectedly high cost increases in Gabon have forced Precious Woods to take drastic measures to reduce costs in order to [...]

India: Weak log and sawn timber import market

Activity in Gandhidham is slow to recover after the Diwali holidays due to negative sentiment. Log importers and sawmills report [...]