Impact of trade dispute with China for the US wood industry

The US trade and tariff war with China that has been reignited in recent weeks is directly impacting American log [...]

Biesse’s outlook for 2019 goes down, while the woodworking industry is affected by weaker demand

Despite the more than EUR 40 million of signed orders achieved during the Ligna fair in May, the Biesse Group [...]

Wood products exports from Brazil went up by 29% during May

    In May 2019, Brazilian exports of wood-based products (except pulp and paper) increased 29% in [...]

Dutch imports of FLEGT licensed timber are on the rise

    FLEGT licensing is helping importers to comply with EUTR, while the forest sector reforms and new [...]

Vietnam imports large quantities of timber and wood products from the US

    Vietnam has been moving towards building a sustainable wood processing industry that uses legal materials in [...]

West Fraser announced operations curtailment in Alberta, US

On the 1st of July, West Fraser announced a temporary, two-week suspension of production at its Alberta Plywood operations [...]

Softwood logs exports from the EU to China doubled during Q1/2019

The total European softwood logs deliveries to China have went significantly up during the first quarter of the year, due [...]

Chinese softwood lumber imports went 17% up during Jan.-May 2019

In January-May 2019, China increased softwood lumber imports by 17.1% year-on-year to 11.6 million m3 [...]

Segezha Group launches 250,000 m2/yr CLT plant construction

Segezha Group launched construction of the CLT manufacturing plant. The modern engineered material for wooden construction to be produced in [...]

Traders in Belgium and the Netherlands support combined FLEGT and EUTR licenses

    Although the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) has narrowed the supply base for tropical timber imported into [...]