Finland: Export prices for pine and spruce sawnwood expected to fall this year

This year and next year, export prices for Finnish lumber will fall, driven by China. The price difference between spruce [...]

B.C. forest sector to diversify products amid high fibre costs, oversupply and low lumber prices

    British Columbia forest sector's woes ranging from high wood costs, declining AAC, US duties, market [...]

N. American hardwood prices drop sharply at Chinese timber markets

The recent price of North American red oak fell by 500-600 yuan/cubic meter (US$ 70-85/m3)  in [...]

Södra’s revenues impacted by the bark beetle infestation

    Södra reported operating profit of SEK 2,520 million for the first nine months of [...]

Canfor reports heavy loss for Q3/2019

    Reflecting weak global market conditions and a challenging fibre cost environment in British Columbia, for the [...]

Forecast: Timber imports in China in the next 3-5 years

China's timber demand has maintained a steady growth trend, especially for the demand for logs and primary processed products [...]
November 5, 2019 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Forestry / Sawmilling / China

European softwood lumber shipments to the US about to double

    European softwood lumber shipments to the US have reached levels unseen since before the global financial [...]

Prices of imported lumber at different Chinese timber markets

    The tables above contain the latest price data of different imported lumber assortments at several Chinese [...]
November 4, 2019 Market Prices / Forestry / ...Industry Prices / Sawmilling / China

Vietnamese wood processing industry concerned of raw material availability

    Concerns have been raised over the rapid increase in Vietnamese wood chip production and export which [...]

Georgia-Pacific to idle McCormick lumber and Allendale OSB mills

    Georgia-Pacific LLC is idling operations at its McCormick lumber and Allendale OSB mills in South [...]