European forests under sustained pressure, study says

No year since weather records began was as hot and dry as 2018. A first comprehensive analysis of the consequences [...]

Holmen becomes an important player in the CLT industry

On Thursday, July 16, Holmen announced the news that the Group has signed an agreement to acquire the family-owned [...]

SmartLam quadruples CLT production

SmartLam, the first commercial manufacturers of cross-laminated timber (CLT) in the U.S., has officially opened its new production [...]

German spruce lumber puts pressure on Finnish and Russian exports to China

After February, a large volume of German spruce lumber was reported at the Chinese ports, with imports reaching approximately 340 [...]

African tropical timber exports driven down by pandemic

The rapid spread of the coronavirus has adversely affected West Africa’s export markets, imports, foreign investment, tourism and remittances [...]

Södra to lower timber prices

    Södra adjusts the price for pulpwood, fuel wood and small diameter timber.    [...]

Norra Skog to close sawmill in Sweden

Recently, the last log at the Östavall sawmill in Ånge municipality, Sweden has been sawn.    The [...]

France’s hardwood market hit by lack of demand and rising prices

At the moment, we must face the facts, there are few reasons to rejoice in the French hardwood market. At [...]

Holmen to acquire Martinsons

    Today Holmen signed an agreement to acquire Martinsons, one of Sweden's leading players in sawn [...]

Weak COVID-19 signs in EU tropical timber import data

EU27 (i.e. excluding the UK) tropical timber product imports continued to defy expectations of COVID-19 driven collapse in [...]