France: Historic moment for the oak market as demand is unprecedented

  For the oak market in France the current moment is historic as it has never reached such a [...]

Estonia: Ongoing timber shortage as 30% of supply is now missing

      Due to the sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus, Estonia is missing 30 percent [...]

Australian timber industry could be hardly hit if government imposes sanctions on Russian imports

The Australian timber and construction industry fears more risk to its lumber supply chain if the government imposes sanctions on [...]

German timber industry expecting tough times due to ongoing supply chain problems

The war in Ukraine causes the business climate index in the German timber industry to fall drastically. The current order [...]

N. American lumber prices under pressure

     Lumber futures are coming under pressure as the housing market gets more restrictive for new buyers [...]

Rise in spruce log prices eases in Germany

    In January 2022, the German producer price indices for spruce only partially continued the upward trend [...]

EU plans to ban wood imports from Russia

    The European Commission proposed on Tuesday to EU nations sweeping new sanctions against Russia, including banning [...]

US South supply to help contain lumber price increases in coming years

The US lumber market remains highly volatile, but the supply chain continues to ramp up production to meet demand, which [...]

Impact of the Ukraine war on the Finnish forest sector

    The most significant consequences of the war for the Finnish forest sector are the cessation of [...]

Netherlands: Availability of wood products to be greatly disrupted

    The Royal Association of Dutch Timber Companies (VVNH) has concluded that the ever-increasing package of [...]