UK’s demand for softwood likely to slow in Q3 and Q4

    Steady demand and increasing operational costs ensured that timber prices and import volumes in UK remained [...]

Mounting concern over European wood supply

    After announcing a ban on imports of wood products from Russia and Belarus in April, Estonia [...]

Vietnam’s wood product deliveries slow due to high inflation in key export markets

    In the first months of this year, Vietnam's timber and wood products export has grossed [...]

Western Forest Products invests $29 million in its B.C. operations

    Western Forest Products has invested approximately $29 million towards its B.C. operations    [...]

Global trade of softwood lumber slowed in early 2022

Global trade of softwood lumber slowed in early 2022, in particular lumber headed to China, the US, and Germany, where [...]

Domtar buys Resolute Forest Products for US$ 2.7 billion

    Canadian forest products company Resolute Forest Products Inc. has agreed to be bought by pulp manufacturer [...]

Canada sees potential for ‘movement’ on U.S. lumber dispute

    Canada sees the potential for some movement toward settling a longstanding dispute with the United States [...]

Tolko invests US$150 million in US sawmill

    The Board of Directors of Southeastern Timber Products LLC, an STP-Tolko Partnership (STP) announces a [...]

Koskisen to sell sawmill operations in Russia

    Koskisen’s wood processing company has sold its sawmill operations located in Russia to Cherepovetsles. Koskisen [...]