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Fuel prices forcing shutdowns, threaten entire US timber supply chain

    Skyrocketing, record-breaking diesel fuel prices are forcing some logging and trucking operations to shut down [...]

N. American lumber prices sink further as homebuyers lose affordability

     North American lumber prices are spiraling as red-hot house prices and the rising cost of [...]

Decreasing US softwood lumber imports as shipments from Canada fall

From January to April, US import volumes fell by nearly 7% or 860,000 m³. This is the result of [...]

US lawsuit bans Brazilian plywood due to poor quality

    A federal court judge in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, recently entered a permanent injunction ordering the revocation [...]

Lumber markets are expected to tighten both short and long term

    The war in Ukraine will tighten lumber markets both short and long term, particularly in Europe [...]

Russian imported plywood will be ‘hard to replace,’ says US hardwoods group

    As of April 8, the U.S. has suspended normal trade relations with Russia and Belarus [...]

US plans to impose 50% tariffs on Russian birch plywood

The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation that would end normal trade relations with Russia.     [...]

U.S. softwood lumber imports from European suppliers fall sharply

U.S. softwood lumber imports from offshore suppliers fell sharply in the fourth quarter, extending a second-half fade after [...]

Russia: Hardwood plywood – sanctions will impact trade with US

    Hardwood plywood is an important material for many U.S. manufacturers. It’s used to make [...]

US homebuilders urge the Biden administration to end lumber tariffs

Jerry Konter, Chairman of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) urged the Biden administration to increase domestic production of [...]