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Canadian lumber exports to U.S. fell 20.4% in Q1/2019

    The value of Canadian lumber exports to U.S. fell 20.4% to $1.03 billion [...]

List of Chinese wood products affected by the new 25% tariff imposed by the US

As of Friday, the United States have increased tariffs on Chinese imports: from previously 10% to now 25%. Goods with [...]

Lumber prices in the US go down through May

A muted trading pace prevailed across much of the US lumber market. Green Douglas Fir remained the primary exception, as [...]

Tarkett moves all production from Canada to the US

French Tarkett is transitioning all manufacturing activities from Waterloo, Ontario and Truro, Nova Scotia in Canada to manufacturing locations in [...]

US housing starts drop to a near two-year low

    U.S. homebuilding dropped to a near two-year low in March, pulled down by persistent [...]

US lumber prices keep on going up

Trading in framing lumber took a step back from the prior week’s more active pace. Price trends covered the [...]

Lumber prices in the US start to recover

Market-related curtailments in British Columbia served as signs that framing lumber markets were oversold and downside risk was waning [...]

US: Panels and lumber prices continue to fall at the end of March

The Random Lengths Framing Lumber Composite Price slipped $1.          Week [...]