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WTO says that US’ tariffs on Chinese products break global trade rules

The World Trade Organization has ruled that tariffs the US imposed on Chinese goods in 2018, triggering a trade war [...]

Currency devaluation agains US dollar puts additional pressure on Chinese timber importers

    On May 28, the People ’s Bank of China authorized the China Foreign Exchange Trading Center [...]

US hardwood producers receive double hit from trade conflict with China and COVID-19

   The trade conflict with China has hit the United States hardwood sector hard and the coronavirus pandemic has [...]

China allows U.S. softwood exporters exemption from import tariffs

    U.S. softwood exporters may soon sell to China duty-free for the first time since [...]

China halves tariffs on US wood products

China announced Thursday that it will cut existing tariffs on $75 billion worth of U.S. goods in half as [...]

US wood products industry seeks relief from impact of trade dispute

US wood products industry groups have seen a dramatic negative impact on business since the start of the trade dispute [...]

Market conditions for U.S. hardwood in the Chinese market improve

Recently, the weakness of the U.S. hardwood industry has not improved, and shipments to China of various types of [...]

Which countries are most affected by the current timber trade war?

Which countries are most affected by the current timber trade war (2016-2018) and how the new trade policies have [...]

U.S. furniture imports slow as shipments from China crash

    U.S. furniture imports fell in the first half, a result of a double-digit drop [...]

U.S. hardwood industry expected to disintegrate from trade war with China

A possible trade deal with China announced this month might not be broad enough to save U.S. hardwood timber [...]