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Strong demand in Finland’s timber market as imports collapse; wood prices will rise

Finland's wood market has begun to pick up in recent weeks. Purchase volumes and prices of wood have risen [...]

Negative sentiment remains among Russian timber market participants

On the Russian timber market, predominantly negative sentiment remains among market participants, which is reflected in weak business activity and [...]

Recovery in Russian timber market may take several years due to current price boom

    The shortage of lumber has led to an increase in prices for timber in Russia. It [...]

There is a bubble in Latvia’s timber market that will burst sooner or later

    Currently, the Latvian lumber market is experiencing a significant price increase or bubble, which will sooner [...]

Germany: Massive exports to the US put pressure on domestic wood prices

The German wood market is divided into two parts. While wood prices are only rising very slowly for German forest [...]

Finland: Timber production and prices expected to rise this year

The use of wood will increase, and the volumes of timber harvesting and trade in Finland will clearly increase in [...]

Damaged wood from Europe invades the Chinese timber market

Chinese timber imports fell by 21% in the first five months of 2020. Instead of 17.5 million m³, China [...]

S. America, Europe boost log supply to China, N. Zealand exports dropping

Log supply into China has increased, with South America and Europe responsible for most of this increase. European supply during [...]

Where is the Chinese timber market heading in the post-pandemic era?

As the world is gradually entering the post-coronavirus period, there is one main question that haunts the global wood [...]

Impact of pandemic on Ghana’s tropical timber sector

    The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the measures adopted to try and slow its [...]