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Supply situation in the German wood market is easing; prices expected to rise

    The situation on the German timber market has eased. The supply crisis in the spring and [...]

Increased timber demand in UK puts pressure on supply

    Rising demand for timber is fuelling pressure on the supply chain in UK, rather than limitations [...]

China will have a supply gap of almost 9 million m3 of logs by 2022

Even if China increases imports from Europe and New Zealand, there will be a gap of of 8.66 million [...]

Supply bottlenecks could stall good sales in European timber markets, says trade association

On the occasion of the last board meeting of the European Timber Trade Association (ETTF) on April 29th, 2021, the [...]

EU plywood companies report good profits, but supply a struggle

    The good news from the majority of European hardwood plywood importers interviewed March 2021 was that [...]

Europe’s log supply to China is expected to return to normal after April

Due to the shortage of containers and heavy snow in Europe from January to February, after the price increase at [...]

Interruption of Chinese plywood supply to Europe

    On supply, some interruption was reported out of Indonesia and Malaysia due to the lockdown; some [...]

European spruce supply to China disrupted by container shortage

    China will receive more and more spruce from European forests, which are currently destroyed by storms [...]

Raw material supply for the German wood industry remains secured despite coronavirus crisis

    A continuous supply of raw materials is of central importance for the smooth functioning of the [...]

European hardwood faces deteriorating market and supply challenges

The market situation for German hardwoods was described at IHC by Steffen Rathke, Vice President of DeSH who said that [...]