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Softwood supply in UK far in excess of demand

      UK softwood trading has continued its subdued trend into August with supply far in [...]
September 2, 2022 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Forestry / Sawmilling / Europe

Significantly reduced log supply to China

The total log demand in China has reduced since last year’s real estate and construction crisis in China due [...]

Low wood pellet supplies hit Danish power giant

    Danish green energy company Orsted is building its coal stockpile in anticipation of burning more of [...]

Estonia: Ongoing timber shortage as 30% of supply is now missing

      Due to the sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus, Estonia is missing 30 percent [...]

US South supply to help contain lumber price increases in coming years

The US lumber market remains highly volatile, but the supply chain continues to ramp up production to meet demand, which [...]

BSW Group stops purchasing Russian raw material

    BSW Group has decided to stop purchasing any raw material which originates from Russia due to [...]

US South faces tightening sawlog supply

    The US South's softwood industry has enormous potential for a variety of reasons. The region [...]

UK’s sawn timber supplies could face uncertainty in 2022

The widespread material shortages in the UK are softening but sawn timber could both face issues going into the new [...]

IKEA to shift production to Turkey due to global supply chain problems

Swedish-based furniture retailer IKEA is planning to minimise problems with global supply chain and increased shipping costs by moving [...]

Global timber supply chains could be hit hard by the Delta variant

Vietnam’s exports of timber and its wood products are facing a crisis since the Delta variant outbreak hit in [...]