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Consequences of the war in Ukraine on Poland’s timber industry

Poland's wood industry expects a shortage of wood raw materials mainly caused by the current war in Ukraine.   [...]

Log prices in Finland drop in March

In January-March 2022, roundwood trade decreased by 20% year on year and was 22% less than in the previous [...]

UK softwood imports expected to be affected by shortages

As Russian and Belarussian wood products have fallen under legal sanctions, and already leading UK importers are refusing any new [...]

Recent auctions in Germany bring record prices both for hardwood and softwood timber

    Some recent auctions organized in Germany's forests reveal record prices both for softwood logs as [...]

Austrian demand for softwood sawlogs goes up in January 2022

    Austria's sawmills are currently still largely sufficiently stocked with needle saw logs. Now that production [...]

UK faces softwood overstocking and falling prices

      As imports continued to pile into the UK through September and October, the on [...]

China’s demand for softwood logs expected to be reduced in Q1/2022

Softwood inventory levels in China have dropped slightly to 4.5mln m3 and daily offtake remains steady at 75k per [...]

Slowdown in China’s softwood log consumption indicates market correction

Demand for softwood logs in China remained favorable during the third quarter (Q3) of the year, despite seasonally lower consumption [...]

China: Rising volumes and CIF prices for log imports

According to China Customs, log imports in the third quarter of 2021 totalled 48.4 million cubic metres valued at [...]