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Log demand in China remains weak at the moment

China softwood log inventory has remained stable at about 5.0M. Daily port log offtake has dropped to around 60 [...]

Austria: Softwood log prices are falling, energy wood prices are increasing noticeably

    In July, the Austrian construction industry is noticeably weakening. Sales of building products made of wood [...]

Norway boosts softwood log exports to EU countries filling Russian supply gap

Norway became the largest supplier of softwood logs to the EU instead of Russia which had a share of 49 [...]

Current softwood log inventories at Chinese ports

    Softwood log inventories at the China’s main ocean ports totaled 5.7 million m3 on [...]

China: Q1/2022 softwood log imports crash, softwood lumber purchases rise 12.5%

In the first three months of 2022, China imported 4 million m³ of softwood lumber, recording an increase of 12 [...]

Could Russia and China increase log and softwood lumber trade?

    Before the onset of the global financial crisis , Russia was China’s primary softwood log supplier [...]

Rising prices for softwood logs in Austria; noticeable pressure from Ukraine war

    Lumber and construction timber products' sales are reportedly very good in Austria. Average log stocks towards [...]

Sharp rise in CIF prices for China’s softwood log imports

According to China Customs, log imports in 2021 totalled 63.58 million cubic metres valued at US$11.594 billion [...]

Some log prices in Austria increased sharply in February 2022

    The storm at the beginning of February caused slight regional damage in Austrian forests. Overall, however [...]

Australia’s softwood log exports: Indian market not yet able to fill the Chinese void

November 2021 was the thirteenth consecutive month to record declines in Australia’s annual softwood log exports, with the annual [...]