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Czech Republic: Wood prices expected to rise even further

    Unusual increases in wood prices in the Czech Republic continue to impact producers in the furniture [...]

Swedish stocks of wood products continue to decrease; prices expected to rise this autumn

After the spring and summer price party for wood products in the US market, the price situation has now returned [...]

Demand for softwood logs demand in China expected to increase in September

    Softwood log inventory in China has not risen in the last month and sits around 5 [...]

Czech softwood log prices on the rise

In the second quarter of 2021, the Czech softwood log prices continued their increase that started in the fourth quarter [...]

Australian softwood log exports crash due to China ban, prices stable

Australia’s average softwood log export price slumped to a reported AUDFob109/m3 in May 2021, down 16% on the [...]

Finnish softwood log prices up by almost 20% in May

    In January-May, purchases of logs in Finland rose by 48 percent year-on-year, while [...]

China will have a supply gap of almost 9 million m3 of logs by 2022

Even if China increases imports from Europe and New Zealand, there will be a gap of of 8.66 million [...]

China: Softwood log imports remain strong despite shipping issues and rising prices

Softwood log market in China remained strong throughout the first quarter of 2021 with exporters paying king’s ransom for [...]

Austrian wood industry faces record softwood log prices

The Austrian wood industry has been severely impacted by the climate and corona crisis in 2020 which created difficult market [...]

Softwood sawlog prices in Sweden on the rise as demand from sawmills booms

    In Central Sweden, state-owned Sveaskog raises the purchase price for softwood sawlogs from 18 January [...]