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Chinese demand for softwood logs very low due to market uncertainty

    The current enthusiasm of Chinese domestic timber businessmen to stock up at the end of the [...]

Booming trend in European log exports to China unlikely to continue

    European softwood logs were practically non-existent at Chinese ports five years ago. However, a combination [...]

Austria: Softwood log prices drop in November

Demand for spruce sawlogs is subdued and prices are under pressure. The situation is different with hardwood: Here both demand [...]

Estonia: Record prices for softwood logs in Q3/2021

The main keyword of the third quarter of the year in Estonia is very high prices for both softwood and [...]

Latvian timber market is experiencing a sharp drop in wood prices

Currently, the Latvian timber market is experiencing a fall in the price of softwood roundwood, which has fallen by as [...]

Pressure on China softwood log prices due to congestion issues

The CFR price for A-grade logs in China has remained variable but the top end is still 182 USD [...]

Congested Chinese ports put pressure on softwood log imports

    Log stocks in China have not increased but there is a lot of volume on boats [...]

Latvia’s softwood sawlog prices reach unprecedented levels

    Latvia's timber market is currently experiencing rising prices for roundwood, which have been affected by [...]

Prices for softwood logs at a high level in Finland

    The stock prices of softwood logs were 15 per cent higher in August than in August [...]

Czech Republic: Wood prices expected to rise even further

    Unusual increases in wood prices in the Czech Republic continue to impact producers in the furniture [...]