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BC lumber producer to suspend production due to lack of logs

    Skeena Sawmills has announced that they are temporarily suspended operations at their Terrace, B.C. sawmill [...]

Skyrocketing prices cause lumber shortage also in Russia

    The Russian housing market is experiencing a shortage of 2-2.5 million m³ of lumber [...]

Is there a shortage of wood in Europe?

    The sharp increases in timber prices worldwide since the middle of 2020 do not reflect any [...]

France: Supply shortages, wood prices up 50%

A timber shortage in France has forced prices up as architects struggle to comply with a new environmental law that [...]

Europe’s timber construction sector reports worsening supply situation and rising prices

Since the beginning of 2021, European carpentry and timber construction companies have been facing an area of ​​tension between increased [...]

EOS reports shortage of sawnwood on the market

When the pandemic first emerged in China in January 2020 and then broke out in Europe and the US a [...]

US faces extreme shortage of lumber

For a look at just how extreme America’s shortage of lumber has become, consider this: For the first time [...]

Germany: Timber traders worried about supply shortage

    The German timber trade is concerned about the increasingly tense situation on the procurement markets. Wholesalers [...]