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North American lumber prices expected to rise next year

The weak market conditions that prompted Canfor's announcement this week of production curtailments at its B.C. and Alberta [...]

North American lumber prices can’t stop falling, as housing market is struggling

North American lumber prices has been among the biggest commodity price decliners this year, and the outlook for the market [...]

N. American wood products market expected to rise sharply by 2026

The North American wood products market is forecasted to reach $243.9 billion in 2026, witnessing growth at a CAGR [...]

Housing market gloom puts North American sawmills at risk

A pall in North America’s housing market is slashing demand for lumber and threatening to shut down sawmills in [...]

N. American sawmills to cut production in bid to lift lumber prices

    A string of sawmill curtailments has buoyed lumber prices amid a flood of dismal housing data [...]

N. American lumber prices climb 26% in October despite housing market slowdown

     North American lumber prices have rallied 26% so far in October, but further gains may be [...]

North American lumber market to remain volatile in Q4/2022-Q1/2023

After surging to record highs at the pinnacle of North America’s pandemic housing market boom, lumber prices have taken [...]

Lumber prices fall as US mortgage rates hit 14 year high

    North American lumber prices fell Wednesday as US mortgage rates hit the highest level in 14 [...]

N. American softwood lumber prices rise 10%, despite weak housing market

North American softwood lumber prices broke a three-week losing streak and edged higher on Friday, extending its three-day [...]