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Massive curtailments in BC push US softwood lumber prices up

Additional and significant curtailments announced in British Columbia jolted the framing lumber market out of a five-week losing streak [...]

France: Lumber prices list for Q1/2019

    The following price list is a collection of prices for lumber and wood products in France [...]

Overview of current sawmill production curtailments in BC

Hardly a week goes by that we’re not hearing of new sawmill curtailments or closures in B.C.  For [...]

Sharp fall in US lumber prices

    Mills idled by wildfires in Western Canada and expectations that more market- or resource-related shutdowns [...]

12 sawmills expected to close in the next 10 years

    British Columbia’s shrinking timber supply will attract approximately 12 sawmills to be closed in the [...]

Hardwood lumber industry in the US seriously affected by trade war with China

The U.S. hardwood lumber industry has a heavy reliance on export markets for its survival, and is being devastated [...]

Lumber prices in the US on decline at the end of May

Trading remained a grind, as sellers stepped up efforts to move prompt loadings while buyers limited purchases to must-have [...]

BC forestry giants see sharp drop at the stock market

A closer look at any stock chart could reveal how the BC forest companies have slide down to three-year [...]

Hardwood lumber exports from U.S. to China go 40% down during Q1/2019

Hardwood lumber exports from U.S. to China fell 39.8% y-o-y to 352.0 thousand m3 in [...]

Lumber prices in the US plunge during May

The US lumber market took a step back after showing signs in prior weeks that it might break out of [...]