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Recent resurgence in US lumber prices expected to continue through early 2022

The price of lumber has seen a resurgence, which analysts expect will continue through early 2022.     [...]

Sierra Pacific completed acquisition of Seneca

Sierra Pacific Industries has completed its acquisition of Seneca, giving the forest products producer more than 2.3 million acres [...]

Price of Finnish lumber seeks balance

    Demand for Finnish lumber this year has been supported by favorable developments in construction investment in [...]

Georgia-Pacific invests $120 million in Texas plant

Georgia-Pacific announced that their Pineland Lumber Complex in Texas will undergo $120 million in additions and improvements in an [...]

U.S. lumber prices are suddenly rising again

    A month after U.S. lumber prices finally returned to normal, prices for wood are ticking [...]

A new lumber giant emerges in Canada

    GreenFirst Forest Products has closed on the previously announced acquisition of Rayonier Advanced Materials for $235 [...]

Ukrainian roundwood may be allowed by the end of 2021

The adoption of a Ukraine law that would permit the export of roundwood and green lumber is anticipated to have [...]

No reason to expect that skyrocketing timber prices in Latvia will return to pre-pandemic levels

    In the Latvian timber industry, the sharp rise in prices was caused by an unpredictably high [...]

West Fraser announces output reductions

Due to wildfires in British Columbia, slowing orders for forest products, constraints on the availability of resins used in the [...]

North American lumber prices finally start to reverse

    Recent lumber spike in North America highlights potential for a bullish resurgence, with seasonality pointing towards [...]