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Bergs Timber to cut lumber supply as bark beetle infestation advances in Europe

    The spruce beetle infestation in Central Europe has continued during the summer and the situation is [...]

Softwood lumber prices in the US dropped lat the beginning of October

Drama unfolded large in downtown Vancouver at the beginning of October, where was being held the Union of British Columbia [...]

European softwood logs exports to China triple as the bark beetle infestation advances

    As the bark beetle infestation ravages European forests and consequently the supply of logs has increased [...]

Falling costs for lumber producers in Europe and N. America

Wood raw-material costs for many lumber producers in Europe and North America have fallen over the past year both [...]

Softwood lumber exports from Europe to the US have doubled this year

    European softwood lumber exports to the USA almost doubled in the first seven months of the [...]

Tolko announces it will reduce stud lumber capacity by 20%

Tolko announced that it is implementing a flexible operating footprint at its Soda Creek and Armstrong stud lumber mills. This [...]

Finnish pine finds weak Chinese market

The recent performance of the Finnish pine market is unremarkable and the market is weak.    Some [...]

Lumber prices in the US on the rise this autumn

Compared to historical trends, this week’s WSPF KD 2×4 #2&Btr price is up +$11 relative to [...]

Russia’s wood industry increased lumber and pellets production

Over the past eight months of this year, the Russian domestic timber industry has been showing steady growth in almost [...]

Georgia-Pacific to invest $70 million in its plywood and lumber mill in Arkansas

Georgia-Pacific is investing $70 million for upgrades to its plywood and lumber operations in Gurdon, Arkansas.     [...]