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German wood industry companies under pressure due to rising lumber prices

       The ongoing price spiral on the German lumber market is putting more and more [...]

High demand for softwood lumber in N. America, prices rising accordingly

The dual Canada/U.S. long weekend in mid-February did nothing to slow demand for lumber, with prices rising [...]

US lumber prices expected to rise another 35% this year

Lumber prices topped $1,000 last week, a record high and a promising sign of a rebound in demand for [...]

US lumber prices hit record despite slowdown in sales

  Western SPF (spruce, pine, fir) lumber prices rose to a four-digit close for the first time on [...]

N. American lumber prices rebound as confusion continues among players

Industry players in softwood lumber products across North America questioned themselves, and each other, for understanding on what was happening [...]

N. American softwood lumber prices correct downward significantly

After popping up by a sizeable degree in the first full work week of 2021, last week benchmark softwood lumber [...]

2021 starts off with rising lumber prices in North America

In the first full week back to work of 2021, the latest data of housing construction and home sales out [...]

Global lumber markets benefit from rising prices

Lumber prices have increased worldwide in the second half of 2020 with US prices almost doubling  Lumber Markets [...]

N. American lumber pricing surge expected to persist in 2021

    An unexpected rebound in wood product prices in December was boosting profits for Canadian forestry companies [...]

N. America: Wood products pricing volatility likely to persist this year

  Pandemic-related supply constraints likely in new year  A year marked by high demand, supply constraints [...]