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Housing slowdown may mean more downtime for N. American lumber producers

    With signs that U.S. inflation has peaked, expectations are becoming more widespread for the Fed [...]

Swedish sawn timber export prices continue to fall

In September, for the 4th consecutive month, Swedish sawn timber export prices fell further compared to the previous month. Recall [...]

France: Lumber prices for Q3/2022

    As the below table shows, Q3/2022 prices for various lumber products in France have shown [...]
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German softwood lumber prices down 21% in September

The current situation in the German timber market is still fragile, largely dependent on the growing demand for timber brought [...]

N. American lumber prices climb 26% in October despite housing market slowdown

     North American lumber prices have rallied 26% so far in October, but further gains may be [...]

U.S. lumber prices could rise again

U.S. softwood lumber futures dropped 72.7% from the March 2022 high to the September 2022 low. The six [...]

Poland: OSB and softwood lumber prices fall sharply

September is the second month in a row in which a drop in the prices of OSB boards and softwood [...]

North American lumber market to remain volatile in Q4/2022-Q1/2023

After surging to record highs at the pinnacle of North America’s pandemic housing market boom, lumber prices have taken [...]

US lumber prices fall to around pre-pandemic levels

US lumber prices have fallen to their lowest level in more than two years, bringing two-by-fours back to [...]

US lumber prices fell 10% after the Federal Reserve hiked interest rates

   US lumber prices extended their 2-day decline to 10% after the Fed hiked interest rates by 75 [...]