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Lumber prices in US expected to fall this autumn

    Lumber prices notched a record on Thursday but are likely to fall back to earth.  [...]

Prices of imported lumber in September 2020 at various Chinese timber markets

The tables above contain the latest price data of different imported lumber assortments at several Chinese markets.    [...]

N. American sawmills can’t meet current house construction demand

North American forest products manufacturers should put on their seat belts, as the latest housing market data indicates no stop [...]

What are the causes of the current lumber shortage in US?

    Lumber supplies in the U.S. are facing a big shortage as a result of the [...]

Canadian lumber giants’ shares on a booming trend due to record lumber prices

    New record high prices for lumber and wood panel products thanks to continuing robust demand from [...]

BC forest industry going full-tilt as lumber prices hit record high

Finally, some good news for B.C.’s forestry sector. After hundreds of jobs were lost and a number of [...]

Record lumber prices threaten the US economy

As the US fights to rebound from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, housing — the one bright spot for [...]

US lumber prices double due to pandemic supply issues

The pandemic has caused supply chain issues for nearly every industry in the USA; from delays in production to transportation [...]

The lack of lumber in North America is unprecedented

     The downfall in lumber production in North America caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, doubled by [...]

Lumber shortage and rising prices affecting N. American construction industry

A shortage of lumber is affecting the North American construction industry in what's usually its busiest time of the [...]