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US lumber prices could rocket again this fall, next spring

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has penned a letter to President Joe Biden asking him to take actions [...]

Lumber prices in US are rising again fast

    On Friday, the price per thousand board feet climbed another 5% to $494. Since bottoming out [...]

Prices for Finnish exported lumber expected to fall after record highs

    The Finnish forest industry has benefited from high export prices due to the coronavirus pandemic. The [...]

Timber supply tensions relax in France, prices expected to fall

    While wood has been the subject of shortages for several months, the French timber industry announces [...]

U.S. lumber prices are suddenly rising again

    A month after U.S. lumber prices finally returned to normal, prices for wood are ticking [...]

Fall in US lumber prices expected to hit Europe soon

    The fall in lumber prices in the US is expected to affect Europe in the fourth [...]

Record high US lumber prices shifted global lumber trade flows in H1/2021

    US lumber prices reached unprecedented highs in the 2Q/21. For example, the costs for 2x4 [...]

Lumber demand in US strengthens but price volatility continues

    Lumber demand in the United States looks to strengthen as price volatility gives way to a [...]

Russian lumber prices start to fall after more than doubling in the first half

    The explosive growth in prices for building materials and timber, which was observed in spring all [...]

Seller confidence in N. America returns as lumber price increases accelerate

    After a big lull in sales and steeply falling lumber prices — albeit from unsustainable highs — for [...]