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Germany: Pellet price quadrupled yoy, but trend reversal on the market in sight

    The pellet market in Germany continues to be influenced by many factors, caused by the effects [...]

German timber trade suffers from high energy costs

    In August, the German Timber Trade Association (GD Holz) carried out a survey on the increased [...]

Germans are looking to firewood for energy as gas prices soar

    Skyrocketing prices for natural gas have Europeans scrambling for alternative energy sources. In Germany, where households [...]

Wood prices in Germany fall significantly

German forest owners have been reporting for a few weeks that the demand for softwood lumber is falling significantly. Many [...]

Construction cancellations surging in Germany

Many projects are still being canceled in Germany’s residential construction sector. The share of companies affected stood at 11 [...]

Russian energy roulette threatens the German forest industry

Energy prices have risen sharply since Russia launched a large-scale attack on Ukraine in February of this year. The [...]

Germany: Wood pellet prices more than double over a year ago

    Germany's current demand for wood pellets is higher than ever. This applies to pellet heating [...]

German lumber prices start to fall in summer; autumn evolution uncertain

    After the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, timber prices rose sharply in most parts of [...]

Mercer acquires German HIT Torgau for EUR 270 million

  HIT Torgau owns and operates an integrated timber processing facility with wood pallet, lumber, biofuel and energy production [...]

Germany plans to spend 900 million euros on forests by 2026

    The German federal government wants to invest 900 million euros in the protection and renewal of [...]
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