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German furniture manufacturers can’t deliver to China

The effects of the coronavirus on the German-Chinese furniture trade are clearly noticeable, but not the only influences.   [...]

Stora Enso completed divestment of mill in Germany

    Stora Enso has completed the sale of its KVH plant in Pfarrkirchen, Germany to the financial [...]

Record wood pellet production in Germany; prices still stable

     Of the record production of more than 2.82 million t of wood pellets (+ 16.8 [...]

Germany: Price of pellets on a downward trend

     The price of wood pellets fell slightly in February. The average price for a 6 t [...]

Pellet production in Germany reaches record high

   Germany's pellet manufacturers successfully closed the fourth quarter of 2019 with another production record.    [...]
February 19, 2020 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Wood Energy / Europe

UPM invests more than 500 million euros into a biorefinery in Germany

UPM plans to enter the biochemicals business by investing in a biorefinery at Leuna, Germany.    The [...]

Germany: Calls for more softwood planting

    The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Rohholz eV – the Working Group on Raw Wood Consumers – (AGR), a voluntary association of [...]
February 10, 2020 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Forestry / Sawmilling / Europe

Gelo Holzwerk to invest in a new sawmill in Germany

Gelo Holzwerk announced EUR 38.5 million greenfield investment in a completely new sawmill location at the Wunsiedel energy park [...]

Germany: Dramatic fall in softwood pulplog prices

  In Germany, softwood pulplog prices have experienced a dramatic decline the past year because of an oversupply of [...]

Significant rise in German softwood lumber exports to China and U.S.

    A significant surge in softwood lumber exports from Germany to China has been reported during the [...]