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Pellet production in Germany reaches record high

   Germany's pellet manufacturers successfully closed the fourth quarter of 2019 with another production record.    [...]
February 19, 2020 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Wood Energy / Europe

UPM invests more than 500 million euros into a biorefinery in Germany

UPM plans to enter the biochemicals business by investing in a biorefinery at Leuna, Germany.    The [...]

Germany: Calls for more softwood planting

    The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Rohholz eV – the Working Group on Raw Wood Consumers – (AGR), a voluntary association of [...]
February 10, 2020 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Forestry / Sawmilling / Europe

Gelo Holzwerk to invest in a new sawmill in Germany

Gelo Holzwerk announced EUR 38.5 million greenfield investment in a completely new sawmill location at the Wunsiedel energy park [...]

Germany: Dramatic fall in softwood pulplog prices

  In Germany, softwood pulplog prices have experienced a dramatic decline the past year because of an oversupply of [...]

Significant rise in German softwood lumber exports to China and U.S.

    A significant surge in softwood lumber exports from Germany to China has been reported during the [...]

Stora Enso sells KVH mill in Germany

Stora Enso has signed an agreement to divest its sawn construction timber (KVH) mill at Pfarrkirchen in Germany, to the [...]

Rising pellet prices in Germany

The price of wood pellets in Germany increased by 1.3% as compared to the previous month. The current nationwide [...]

Germany: Damaged volumes from storms and bark beetle could reach 70 million m3 in 2019

As of September 2019, the estimates from 15 German states on this year’s incidence of damaged wood and the [...]

Germany: Sales of wood products rise 1Q-3Q 2019 despite challenges

After nine months, the German timber trade sector increase its sales across all assortments by 2.5%.    [...]