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Finnish lumber exports down by -30%

In January-March, the value of Finland's forest industry exports fell by almost a quarter year-on-year to [...]

Finnish forestry giants prepared to face the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the early part of the year was still reasonably good for large Finnish forestry companies.   [...]

EU Green deal might be postponed to 2021

The coronavirus pandemic affects the debate on the European Green Deal in a number of ways.     [...]
April 24, 2020 Latest Trends / Forestry / ...Sawmilling / Europe

FSC releases improved trademark license agreement

The revised and improved license agreement for the FSC certification scheme will initially be implemented with a pilot phase, starting [...]

B.C. forestry crisis: 25% fall in export sales and a $3.4 billion loss

    The crisis in British Columbia’s forestry sector that saw more than 20 sawmills close or [...]

B.C. forest sector to diversify products amid high fibre costs, oversupply and low lumber prices

    British Columbia forest sector's woes ranging from high wood costs, declining AAC, US duties, market [...]

BC’s forestry companies face weak wood markets, high log costs and US lumber duties

    B.C. forestry companies are set to report lacklustre third-quarter financial results as tough market [...]

Czechia expects 30 million m3 of beetle wood from its forests in 2019

In 2019, it is estimated that 30 million cubic meters of beetle wood will be produced in Czech forests. Accordingly [...]

Bark beetle crisis without precedent in Europe

    The forest emergency in Europe is at the beginning of a hard battle campaign against Bark [...]

Stora Enso to establish a new Forest division

    Stora Enso announced establishment of a new Forest division to manage the recently acquired Swedish forest [...]