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European parquet market sales not expected to return to pre-Covid 19 levels soon

After a year of slight contraction in 2018, the European parquet market improved in 2019. Unfortunately, this positive result and [...]

European spruce supply to China disrupted by container shortage

    China will receive more and more spruce from European forests, which are currently destroyed by storms [...]

Forecast: Half a million cubic meters of damaged wood expected in the next 5 years in Central Europe

   For at least five years, the forestry and timber industry in Central Europe has been struggling with the [...]

European lumber producers become more globally competitive due to falling sawlog prices

Sawlog prices throughout Europe decline in 2019, early 2020 mainly from oversupply, enabling European lumber producers to become more globally [...]

Severe crisis in Central Europe due to the bark beetle infestation

    Between 2017 and 2019, over 270 million m3 of standing timber in Central Europe has been [...]

COVID-19 impact on European wood market “severe and wide-ranging”

    The European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF) and the European Organization of the Sawmill Industry (EOS) recently [...]

Bark beetle infestation starts to spread in Central European countries

Since mid-April, bark beetles have also been spotted in large parts of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition to [...]

European timber importers freeze orders

    Accurate estimates of the specific effects on timber trade volumes this year will only become apparent [...]

Bark beetle starts spreading in Europe’s forests

    A third consecutive year of bark beetle calamity is expected to destroy the European spruce forests [...]

European wood industry to reorganize supply chains after coronavirus restrictions will be eased

Strict restrictive measures in most EU countries and indeed across the world have more or less restricted production, which has [...]