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European timber exporters face heavy pressure due to coronavirus

Factories closed, ports idling, lack of containers, rising freight costs, shipments in stand-by… The coronavirus obviously does not spare [...]

EU wood imports continue to recover in 2019

    Recovery in EU wood imports continues in 2019 The total value of EU28 imports of wood [...]

Europe: Volume of beetle and storm wood reaches 120 million m3 in 2019

     The volume of damaged wood (both bark beetle and windthrown) in 2019 in Central Europe and [...]

Coronavirus paralyzes wood exports from Europe to China

   he coronavirus could paralyze log export from Europe to China. Timber Industry News has learned this in discussions [...]

Challenging times for European sawmills

The fourth quarter was disappointing many European sawmills, but a more balanced market can be expected. The market for sawn [...]
February 27, 2020 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Forestry / Sawmilling / Europe

Europe becoming China’s second softwood lumber supplier, surpassing Canada

   Europe is now the second softwood lumber supplier to China; with a 60% yoy increase in deliveries.  [...]

The European Green Deal creates new opportunities for timber

    The Green Deal, published on 11 December 2019 by the new European Commission and adopted by [...]

European softwood logs invade the Chinese; market prices down sharply

    European beetle logs have flooded the Chinese market. In the first ten months of the year [...]

Sharp drop in export of hardwoods to China has important implications for US hardwoods

Headline figures for sawn hardwood consumption in Europe show that demand has been flat for the last decade. However, these [...]

Sawmills in Central Europe more competitive due to falling prices

Sawlog prices fell throughout the world in 2019 with European prices declining the most, resulting in a more competitive sawmilling [...]