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Czech Republic: Wood prices are at the highest level in 20 years

  Wood prices in the Czech Republic are at the highest in two decades due to high demand. Prices [...]

Czech Republic drastically reduces logging as the bark beetle calamity retreats

    Last year, with the retreat of the bark beetle calamity, the Czech state enterprise Lesy Česk [...]

Czech Republic will cancel compensation for bark beetles

Czech forest owners can no longer count on the state to compensate them for low prices with huge sums. Wood [...]

Czech Republic: Wood prices expected to rise even further

    Unusual increases in wood prices in the Czech Republic continue to impact producers in the furniture [...]

Czech softwood log prices on the rise

In the second quarter of 2021, the Czech softwood log prices continued their increase that started in the fourth quarter [...]

Wood prices expected to rise in the Czech Republic

According to data from the Czech Statistical Office, almost 36 million cubic meters of wood were harvested in Czech forests [...]

Bark beetle crisis drags log prices down in the Czech Republic

    Last year saw a record 35.8 million cubic meters of wood logged in the Czech [...]

Bark beetle damage reaches record 40 million m3 in the Czech Republic

The damage caused by the low purchase price of bark beetle wood in the Czech Republic and the premature harvesting [...]

Czech Republic: Forest owners to receive state compensation for damaged wood

    The Czech Ministry of Agriculture collected the 2019 applications for damaged wood compensation for non-state [...]