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Austria: Softwood log prices are falling, energy wood prices are increasing noticeably

    In July, the Austrian construction industry is noticeably weakening. Sales of building products made of wood [...]

Production at Binderholz solid wood panel plant to start at the end of the year

    At the beginning of August 2021, construction of the Binderholz solid wood panel plant II began [...]

Austria: Global wood shortage led to rise in logging and prices

An average price of 100.48 euros for a cubic meter of spruce logs (an increase of 38 percent compared [...]

Log prices in Austria rise sharply in May

    In May 2022, Austria's timber construction is still benefiting from a very good demand situation [...]

Rising prices for spruce and pine logs in Austria

    The Austrian sawmill industry is at the moment well stocked with softwood sawlogs. In combination with [...]

Rising prices for softwood logs in Austria; noticeable pressure from Ukraine war

    Lumber and construction timber products' sales are reportedly very good in Austria. Average log stocks towards [...]

Some log prices in Austria increased sharply in February 2022

    The storm at the beginning of February caused slight regional damage in Austrian forests. Overall, however [...]

Austria: Wood prices at high levels for the moment

Like other raw materials, the prices for lumber shot up to unprecedented heights last year. It wasn't just finely [...]

Austrian demand for softwood sawlogs goes up in January 2022

    Austria's sawmills are currently still largely sufficiently stocked with needle saw logs. Now that production [...]

Austrian spruce log prices stable in December 2021

    The Austrian sawmill industry was adequately stocked with softwood logs in DecemberAn upturn in demand, which [...]