Metsä Wood relocates wooden elements production in Finland

The manufacture of Metsä Wood's Kerto-Ripa® wooden elements is moving from Heinola to Pälkäne in February.

The new premises are about one and a half times bigger and are better suited for the increase in production of intermediate floor elements. Metsä Wood is renting the premises from Kallioinen Yhtiöt Oy.

"The demand for Kerto® LVL based wood elements has been good and these new, more spacious premises will allow us to grow our production of Kerto-Ripa intermediate floors in particular. The improved floor elements which were launched at the end of last year are a good example of how active our product development is. We are testing the functionality of different structures in our element production, and we are continually looking for totally new kinds of solutions to meet the requirements of modern construction," says Jari Tikkanen, SVP, Building and Industry.

"We needed new premises that were better suited to the production of intermediate floor elements, and we found them in Pälkäne. The manufacture of intermediate floor elements set certain demands on our premises and in the new hall there is more space not only for production, but also for the storage of materials and ready products," says Marko Kellberg, Director, Building Projects.

Metsä Wood's element factory manufactures Kerto-Ripa® intermediate floor and ceiling elements from Kerto® LVL wood products. The element factory uses about 3,000 m3 of Kerto products every year, and annual production of elements is around 70,000 m2. Of the wooden elements produced in Finland, only 10 per cent are for export.



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