Market Prices

Coronavirus crisis effects on the global trade of wood products likely to last until 2021

    Pandemic effects will be delayed for forest products industries and recovery slower, particularly for landowners who [...]

China’s imports of logs, lumber, pulp and wood chips collapse in Jan.-Feb. 2020

The coronavirus epidemic in China has resulted in sharply reduced importation of forest products in early 2020. During January and [...]

New Zealand’s radiata pine logs prices rise in March as productivity in China increases

    The February At Wharf Gate (AWG) prices for logs at New Zealand ports were predominantly rolled [...]

Prices of logs in China on the rise as supply from New Zealand and Europe is reduced

    In the first week of March the CFR sale price for A grade radiata pine in [...]

Finland’s sawmill industry expected to be hit hard by the coronavirus crisis

    The coronavirus crisis strikes Finland's forest sector with varying degrees of impact. On the whole [...]

Softwood lumber supply in N. America inconsistent as demand falls

Sawmill operators across Canada and the US chopped softwood lumber prices  by a wide margin in response to: wavering demand [...]

Forecast: What’s the impact of the coronavirus on the Chinese timber industry?

    During the coronavirus crisis, nearly half of the companies in the Chinese wood industry reported that [...]

Russian timber industry under pressure due to mild winter

Due to the abnormally warm winter in Russia, a shortage of wood raw materials has formed. Logging equipment sometimes could [...]