Market Prices

Global wooden pallet prices hit record highs

    Pallet prices have hit record highs, according to a U.S. Labor Department index, and European [...]

Professor develops method to predict future lumber price changes

At a time when lumber prices are skyrocketing, an Oregon State University researcher has developed a new way to predict [...]

Lack of raw materials threaten wood prices in Vietnam

As global supply chains were affected by the Suez Canal incident, the supply issues for raw materials for Vietnam’s [...]

European sawmill industry could benefit on the long term from the Covid-19 pandemic

  When in late February 2020 it became apparent that the Covid-19 virus would wreak havoc not just [...]

N. American softwood lumber prices develop uneven

    It was an uneven lumber market for the week ending March 26 as print prices came [...]

European countries are rapidly expanding market shares on China’s softwood import market

Due to the bark beetle infestation, the European countries have gained serious market shares in China's softwood logs and [...]

Timber prices soar in China, supplies short amid coronavirus disruptions

Timber prices in China soared as imports have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has put much stress [...]

Rising freight rates adding pressure on the plywood market

    A key concern in the plywood sector is soaring freight rates, notably in containerized trade. With [...]

China: Prices for New Zealand radiata pine logs rising sharply in March

    Details of the price changes of Chinese imports of radiata pine logs in March are as [...]

US wood production hits pre-crisis levels despite record lumber prices

    Loggers are busier than usual. They're working to chop away at the US' pandemic-spurred [...]