Market Prices

European spruce log prices fall sharply in China

In China the prices for softwood logs decreased by 20 € last week due to the standard summer halting demand.  [...]

Finnish softwood log prices up by almost 20% in May

    In January-May, purchases of logs in Finland rose by 48 percent year-on-year, while [...]

New Zealand: Log export prices to China at record levels

The At Wharf Gate (AWG) prices for export logs in June increased an average of $5 per JASm3 from May [...]

Higher timber prices in Sweden expected in 2021

    Expect higher timber prices in Sweden in 2021    This is how you [...]

US lumber futures post biggest-ever weekly loss

Lumber futures posted their biggest-ever weekly loss, extending a tumble from all-time highs reached last month as sawmills [...]

Strong lumber markets in N. America and Europe push up sawlog prices in Q1/2021

The strong lumber markets in North America and Europe resulted in higher sawlog prices in most parts of the world [...]

France: Supply shortages, wood prices up 50%

A timber shortage in France has forced prices up as architects struggle to comply with a new environmental law that [...]

Wood demand could stay strong for the next decade, says Weyerhaeuser CEO

The home-building and renovation boom could keep wood demand strong for the next decade, the biggest U.S. lumber [...]

Sawmill orders shrinking a sign that lumber prices might fall soon

As May rolled into June and following the dual long weekends of Victoria Day in Canada and Memorial Day in [...]

Timber import prices started to fall in China

    Timber import prices in China have started to fall in mid-May and continued the downward [...]