Market Prices

North American sawmills see their profit margins decline

Costs for sawlogs declined in most major regions around the world in the first half of 2019. However, lumber prices [...]

Softwood lumber prices in the US dropped lat the beginning of October

Drama unfolded large in downtown Vancouver at the beginning of October, where was being held the Union of British Columbia [...]

European softwood logs exports to China triple as the bark beetle infestation advances

    As the bark beetle infestation ravages European forests and consequently the supply of logs has increased [...]

US wood pellet produces to increase wood pellet prices

    For September 2019, Canadian wholesale and retail wood pellet prices are as-yet unchanged from the [...]

Sharp rise in Russian wood pellets exported to Europe

    The average price of Russian wood pellets sent to the European Union countries in January-July [...]

Production costs for North American wood pellet producers on the rise

    Many pellet manufacturers in North America have had to increase the usage of logs for their [...]

Falling prices for Finnish pine and spruce sawlogs

Pine and spruce sawlog prices in Finland are on a falling trend in August 2019, both as compared to the [...]

Chinese particleboard and MDF market recovering in September

With the arrival of the peak season, China's particleboard market in September has slightly accelerated, and the business pressure [...]

France: List of prices for various lumber products in Q2/2019

    FRANCE LUMBER PRICES for the 2nd quarter 2019         [...]

Falling costs for lumber producers in Europe and N. America

Wood raw-material costs for many lumber producers in Europe and North America have fallen over the past year both [...]