Market Analysis

EU to challenge Russian wood export restrictions at WTO

    The EU is requesting consultations with Russia at the World Trade Organization (WTO) concerning export restrictions [...]

Massive investment plans in the France’s wood industry

French President Emmanuel Macron has officially announced a "France 2030 Investment Plan" with a total investment of 30 billion euros [...]

Strike at UPM factories in Finland to be extended

As there seems to be no prospect of rapprochement between UPM and Paperiliitto, the union has announced an extension of [...]

Germany’s timber industry has positive market expectations for 2022

A survey of member companies of the German Timber Trade Federation (GD Holz) paints a rather positive picture of market [...]

Chinese timber import market faces a complicated 2022

    At the beginning of the new year, the Chinese timber industry is waiting for the market [...]

Rising roundwood prices in Finland

    Spruce logs prices in Finland reached an average of EUR 65.2 per cubic metre in [...]

European wooden-construction sector is evolving rapidly

The European market for mass timber-based multi-storey buildings is growing at some 8% per year and is projected [...]

European wood flooring market grew significantly in 2021

The overall consumption figures on the European wood flooring for the year 2021 are significantly increasing by 5,8% compared [...]

Austrian demand for softwood sawlogs goes up in January 2022

    Austria's sawmills are currently still largely sufficiently stocked with needle saw logs. Now that production [...]

German wood prices: 50 percent more money for spruce logs

German forest owners received around 50 percent more money for spruce logs in November. Overall, raw wood prices for producers [...]