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Metsä Wood and SRV sign agreement for Kerto LVL mill construction in Äänekoski

 Metsä Wood and construction company SRV have signed an agreement for the construction of Metsä Wood's new Kerto [...]
September 5, 2023 Latest Trends

Austria: Softwood lumber prices halved in recent months

Sales of Austrian sawmills have collapsed: while the warehouses are full of wood, the price of softwood lumber has fallen [...]
September 1, 2023 Latest Trends

UK timber industry stabilizes as construction declines

The timber industry in the UK is currently experiencing a period of stability, which is in contrast to the fluctuating [...]
September 1, 2023 Latest Trends

New Zealand: Higher log prices in China, but the market is still fragile

AWG prices increased an average of $15 due to the higher CFR sale prices in China. The positive impact of [...]
September 1, 2023 Latest Trends

The Finnish forestry sector is preparing to comply with the EUDR

The European Union's Deforestation Regulation will create a huge bureaucratic burden for the Finnish forest industry. “We'll just [...]
September 1, 2023 Latest Trends

Illegal timber from Russia and Belarus is flooding Poland

The wood market in Poland is experiencing a significant surge in the supply of raw materials from Russia and Belarus [...]
August 31, 2023 Latest Trends

Kronospan plans wood-based panel plant in Egypt

The Austrian wood-based panels manufacturer Kronospan is planning establishing a multi-purpose wood panel factory in Egypt on roughly [...]
August 31, 2023 Latest Trends

U.S.-Vietnam meeting indicates possible future tariffs on timber imports

Nearly two years after the reaching an agreement that avoided Section 301 tariffs on imports from Vietnam, the U.S [...]
August 31, 2023 Latest Trends

West Fraser sees recovering OSB demand in US

Wood products giant West Fraser says its OSB business saw recovering demand during Q2, giving it sufficient confidence to increase [...]
August 31, 2023 Latest Trends

SCA becomes the full owner of Gällö Timber AB

SCA and Persson Invest began their collaboration around Gällö Timber and the sawmill in Gällö, Jämtland in [...]
August 30, 2023 Latest Trends