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Top 15 biggest lumber producing companies in the world

GWMI picked the top 15 companies across the globe based on their softwood lumber production figures for 2021. The list [...]

Warren Buffet’s investment company buys stake in Louisiana-Pacific

    In the course of the third quarter, the investment company Berkshire Hathaway, managed by Warren Buffett [...]

Egger invests 25 million euros in the Unterradlberg plan

The Egger Group invested in the 25 million euros in its Lower Austrian production facility in Unterradlberg. This involves investments [...]

Austria: Hasslacher to take over Gemson

    The Hasslacher Group will acquire the Austrian timber construction specialist Gemson, which focuses on small and [...]

Homag Group increased sales by 20% in Jan.-Sept. 2022

    The Homag Group continues to record a positive business development and was able to significantly increase [...]

Välinge’s parent company acquires Croatian furniture maker

Pervanovo, the parent company of Bjelin industries in Croatia and Välinge Group in Sweden, has through its subsidiary V [...]

Bergs’ interim results reflect deteriorating market situation

Sweden-based wood products producer Bergs Group has published its interim results showing how it is being negatively impacted by [...]

JAF Group to acquire DLH Poland and DLH Slovakia

    The JAF Group - a supplier of wood and wood-based products in 16 countries around the [...]

Arauco’s plants in Argentina at risk of shutdown under import controls

    The Chamber of the Argentine Timber Industries (CAIMA) has warned that local timber producers may soon [...]

Interfor reports Q3/2022 results

    Interfor Corporation recorded net earnings in Q3 2022 of $3.5 million, or $0.06 per [...]