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Estonian wood industry hit hard by falling prices and lower demand

    Estonian lumber producers are facing a harsh reality, where the price of wood is falling and [...]

Rising energy prices- an opportunity for the timber industry?

    Sawn timber, glued laminated timber and solid construction timber prices are currently well below last year [...]

N. American lumber prices are sending a signal we should not ignore

Lumber is a highly illiquid futures market, making trading, investing, and hedging challenging. The lack of volume and open interest [...]

Sweden’s softwood lumber exports to US rise 37% in Jan.-May 2022

Swedish softwood lumber exports volume to the U.S. rose 37% in the first five months of 2022 year-on [...]

European timber trade industry expects a significant slowdown in business momentum in H2/2022

At the General Assembly of the European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF) in Amsterdam, the current market situation and prospects for [...]

German hardwood industry worries about the future

    Despite the good sales conditions for lumber, the German hardwood industry is looking to the future [...]

UK’s demand for softwood likely to slow in Q3 and Q4

    Steady demand and increasing operational costs ensured that timber prices and import volumes in UK remained [...]

Mounting concern over European wood supply

    After announcing a ban on imports of wood products from Russia and Belarus in April, Estonia [...]

Vietnam’s wood product deliveries slow due to high inflation in key export markets

    In the first months of this year, Vietnam's timber and wood products export has grossed [...]