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EU tropical wood product imports benefit from curtailment supplies from Russia and Belarus

In the first four months of this year, the value of EU imports of tropical wood and wood furniture totalled [...]

Estonia: Softwood lumber market prices down by 20%

      The market price of softwood lumber in Estonia has fallen by up to 20 [...]

Austria: Softwood log prices are falling, energy wood prices are increasing noticeably

    In July, the Austrian construction industry is noticeably weakening. Sales of building products made of wood [...]

Norway boosts softwood log exports to EU countries filling Russian supply gap

Norway became the largest supplier of softwood logs to the EU instead of Russia which had a share of 49 [...]

Södra delivers strong result in Q2/2022, sees market outlook as highly uncertain

    Södra posted a robust result for the second quarter of 2022. The result reflects the [...]

Demand weakens in UK softwood market

    The solid UK softwood market is uncharacteristically quiet for this time of year, and buyers are [...]

Overview of current trends in the European timber industry

    At the members' meeting of the European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF) on 24 June in Amsterdam [...]

Germans could turn to wood as Russia withholds natural gas

     Germany could embrace wood for heat if Russia further cuts gas flows, Deutsche Bank says.  [...]
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Swedish Setra sees uncertainty for the wood markets to be more pronounced in 3Q/2022

Swedish wood products company Setra has reported an operating profit of SEK 564 million (EUR 53.47 million) for the [...]

Garnica to open its next factory in the French region of Champagne in 2022

    Garnica's new factory is located in Troyes, the Sud Champagne region in northern France. The [...]