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Finland warns energy crisis could curb forest, chemical industry, close factories

Finland's forestry and chemical industry companies are currently doing everything they can to find alternatives to natural gas before [...]

Log demand in China remains weak at the moment

China softwood log inventory has remained stable at about 5.0M. Daily port log offtake has dropped to around 60 [...]

EU pellet demand expected to set a new record in 2022

    The European Union consumed a record 23.1 million metric tons of wood pellets in 2021 [...]

Many sawmills close in Gabon and Cameroon due fuel shortage

In Cameroon more than 50 sawmills have stopped production and in Gabon 22 sawmills, mostly Chinese, have ceased production. In [...]

Siempelkamp to supply new particleboard plant for Kastamonu Entegre

Kastamonu Entegre placed an order with Siempelkamp for a new particleboard plant for its location in Kastamonu City, Turkey.  [...]

German lumber prices start to fall in summer; autumn evolution uncertain

    After the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, timber prices rose sharply in most parts of [...]

European lawmakers battle over whether to limit wood pellets for energy

A European Parliament effort to roll back policies and subsidies that encourage burning wood pellets for energy has suffered a [...]

Canfor invests US$210 million to build a new sawmill in southern Alabama

Canfor Corporation will invest approximately US$210 million to build a new, state-of-the-art sawmill complex in southern [...]

N. American softwood lumber prices are seeking direction

   North American softwood lumber prices are seeking direction as the housing market finally shows signs of slowing down [...]

Europe is experiencing record forest fires

Wildfire conditions in Europe are intensifying, just as Europe experiences an unprecedented heatwave. Fires in parts of France, Spain, and [...]
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