China: August review of the softwood log market

China softwood log inventory has remained stable at about 4.6 - 4.7m. Fresh pine logs are sold quickly after [...]

Sanctions dramatically bring down wood product manufacturing in Russia

    In July, wood products manufacturing in Russia fell 20.4% y-o-y according to data [...]

Russian plywood industry in crisis

The Russian plywood industry, hit hardest by EU sanctions, continued to decline. Russia's domestic plywood market has seen excess [...]

ISC 2022 coming up in Copenhagen

Registration is now open for the 70th International Softwood Conference (ISC) taking place this year in Copenhagen on October 12 [...]

Dramatic decline in China’s softwood log imports in H1/2022

China’s log imports in the first half of 2022 totaled 22.38 million cubic meters valued at US$4 [...]

Russian energy roulette threatens the German forest industry

Energy prices have risen sharply since Russia launched a large-scale attack on Ukraine in February of this year. The [...]

U.S. imposed a 35% tariff on Russian wood products

Starting from July 27, the United States imposed a 35% tariff on 570 items of goods imported from Russia, including [...]

Wood-pellet market booms amid Ukraine war

The wood-pellet market is on fire.    War has cut off the supply of compressed-wood [...]

Russian birch plywood enters the European market through China

Several birch plywood importers from the UK have reported an increase of offers from the far east in recent weeks [...]

Russian timber, timber product exports likely to see double-digit decline in second half

Russian sawn timber exports, which have been sanctioned by the EU along with other wood products since July 10, were [...]