Archives: January 2023

Kährs adjusting capacities in all its European factories, due to weak market demand

Kährs adjusts its capacity to meet a lower demand for flooring solutions in the residential segment in 2023, both [...]
January 17, 2023 Latest Trends

Moelven shuts down one of three production lines in Norway

A week ago, Moelven Byggmodul AS reported that the production line in Hjellum, Norway, will be shut down. The background [...]
January 17, 2023 Latest Trends

Stora Enso strengthens its wood procurement in Finland, to replace Russian forestry operations

Stora Enso replaces wood imported from Russia with domestic wood and expands its wood procurement in Western Finland. Two offices [...]
January 17, 2023 Latest Trends

Swedish EU Presidency wants more timber construction

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is committed to standardizing building regulations for timber construction in Europe. According to [...]
January 17, 2023 Latest Trends

Swedish sawn timber export prices continue to decline

In November 2022, for the 5th month in a row, Swedish sawnwood export prices continued to decrease: -2.93% compared [...]
January 13, 2023 Latest Trends

Romania: Low levels of wood offered for state auctions; prices are still at a high level

The average prices at auctions organized by Romania's National Forestry Authority - Romsilva for the production of 2023 are 410 [...]
January 13, 2023 Latest Trends

UK timber import patterns witness considerable shift in 2022

Last year witnessed a considerable shift in timber trading patterns, with the Republic of Ireland (ROI), Latvia, and China supplying [...]
January 12, 2023 Latest Trends / Market Analysis

West Fraser to curtail Florida sawmills, cites high log costs and weak markets

West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. says it will indefinitely curtail its Perry Sawmill in Florida later this month due to [...]
January 12, 2023 Latest Trends

Skeena Sawmills to shut down log deliveries temporarily

Skeena Sawmills has stopped taking logs at its Terrace sawmill for three weeks as of Jan. 6, citing the high [...]
January 12, 2023 Latest Trends

Austria criticizes ”restrictive” EU forest regulations

For the mountainous country of Austria, the important protective forests – forests that protect against natural hazards such as avalanches, mudflows [...]
January 12, 2023 Latest Trends