Archives: October 2019

No impact on retail prices due to BC curtailments

Despite several curtailments for different BC lumber producers, the impacts of them have yet to be felt in the retail [...]

Exports of wood products from Sarawak down sharply this year

The export value of Sarawak’s wood products has decreased by 12 percent in the first nine months of the [...]

China’s huge hunger for timber will still rely on imports in the future?

    With the rising protection of forest resources by countries in the world, the trade friction between [...]

Vietnamese Donghwa to buy a new Siempelkamp MDF press

    Dongwha, Asia's largest producer of engineered wood from Korea, is securing the "longest MDF press [...]

China tariffs cut deep into the US hardwood industry

Prior to the trade and retaliatory tariff battle between the U.S. and China in mid-2018, the U.S [...]

BC’s forestry companies face weak wood markets, high log costs and US lumber duties

    B.C. forestry companies are set to report lacklustre third-quarter financial results as tough market [...]

Germany: Price of wood pellets on the rise in October

As usual for this time of year, the price of wood pellets in Germany rose by 2.1% in October [...]

High potential for timber market growth in the Netherlands

The national report on the Dutch timber market issued in advance of the 77th session of the ECE Committee on [...]

China’s wood-based panel sector continues to develop

    In 2018 the volume of China’s wood-based panel exports totaled 14.23 million cubic [...]

China invests more in Vietnam’s wood processing sector to avoid US tariffs

    The surge in the number of new FDI projects into Vietnam’s wood processing sector continues [...]