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Austrian sawmill industry on an upward trend

The timber markets showed a positive trend throughout 2017 and in the first half of 2018 in almost all markets [...]

US softwood lumber and panel prices stabilize at the beginning of September

    US framing lumber traders who had anticipated a stronger pace of sales coming out of the [...]

Altailes completes one of Russia’s largest MDF plants

Altailes, one of Russia’s largest woodworking enterprises, is finishing construction of large-scale woodworking combine in Pavlovsk. Pavlovsk is [...]

Canada’s Pinnacle buys 70% stake in Alabama wood pellets plant

    Canadian industrial wood pellet manufacturer Pinnacle Renewable Holdings Inc announced last week it has agreed to [...]

China’s tariffs on wood products might have a huge impact on the US hardwood industry

The Chinese tariffs on US hardwood exports might have a major impact on the hardwood sector in the US. On [...]

India: Current prices for wood products

    Demand for Indian imported logs has risen on the back of firmer domestic demand.    [...]

UK imports much less softwood lumber from the EU countries

UK's softwood lumber imports from the European Union countries seem to start being affected by Brexit, as shown in [...]
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Rising sawlog and pulpwood prices in Finland

The stumpage price level continued to rise in June. Compared to the previous month, the real stumpage price level rose [...]

Norway completes the world’s tallest timber building

    Norway has completed the frame of the world's tallest timber building, which is being lauded [...]

Recent trends in Poland’s sawmill industry

Poland is one of the European countries with a high forest potential. In terms of forest area it is sixth [...]