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Imports of sawnwood into China grew by 5% during Q1/2018

China’s sawnwood imports reached 8.29 million cubic metres in the first three months of 2018, up five per [...]

Harvard University wants to sell some of its South American timberlands

Harvard University is currently trying to sell a part of its timberland investments in South America to investors that would [...]

Resolute Forest Products makes $52 million for Saint-Félicien pulp mill in Canada

Resolute Forest Products Inc. announced a $52.3 million strategic investment plan for its Saint-Félicien pulp mill, located [...]

Increased lumber demand in the US made prices soar

    Lumber prices in the US went higher during last week, as buyers tried to cover pressing [...]

China wants to make huge SEZ around Beijing

China is planning a new special economic zone (SEZ) that will effectively extend the sprawling metropolis of Beijing, transforming the [...]

The 66th International Softwood Conference to be held in Riga

The 66th International Softwood Conference will be held on 10-12 October 2018 in the largest city in the Baltics [...]

Rising wood logs prices in Africa and SE Asia, says the World Bank

The World Bank reconsidered forecast for logs and sawnwood in the recently updated Commodity Markets Outlook.     [...]

China and countries of Eastern and Central Europe plan to cooperate on forestry issues

China, together with the Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries, have decided to invest even more in their cooperation regarding [...]
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Södra and KLM plan to produce green jet fuel

    Södra signed a letter of intent with KLM to conduct a joint feasibility study to [...]

The European glulam market challenging for suppliers

Anecdotal reports indicate that the glulam sector in Europe struggled with over-supply and low margins in the 2013 to [...]